Effective 5/31/20 we will no longer except reservations with pets. We will honor those reservations with pets made prior to this date.

A credit card is required when making a reservation. The deposit is a guarantee of the complete reservation for both the guest and Parkside Cabins. It guarantees our guests that the accommodations will be held for the dates reserved and it guarantees us that our guest will arrive and pay for the agreed upon days.

We are not a large resort chain and have a very strict reservation policy. Please read our cancellation policy carefully and make sure you understand it prior to making a reservation.

No refunds for cancellations or early departures. We do not double book our cabins. We take the cabin off the market for all the days you have reserved it. Therefore, if you must cancel or shorten your stay for any reason, you will be held financially responsible for all the days of the reservation that we are not able to rerent your cabin.

Payments can be made with either a credit card or cash. Sorry but no checks accepted.